EducA+ion Enrichment Center

Education Enrichment Center

“Helping students succeed and preparing them for a world of opportunity!”

The center’s focus is on teaching students how to develop:

  • Effective research methods,
  • Strong teamwork and leadership skills,
  • Creative problem solving abilities,
  • Transferable goal setting and time management strategies.

Our challenge is to provide a creative and fun learning environment where students can be successful, therefore promoting the students’ self esteem and self-confidence.

The center’s environment is to recognize and reward levels of participation while allowing opportunities to learn relevant subjects and skills. Character development, accountability, and leadership are paramount to the centre’s activities. Our currently available Project Based Themes are: Tall Ships, Alien, and Travel.

Our Mission Statement: Helping students become the leaders of our society by teaching teamwork, responsibility, and knowledge acquisition.

Where to Look Next:

“I researched the teaching methods of ADD and Dyslexia and discovered a system that works – a system that makes learning relevant, attainable and best of all fun!”
Teacher Project Themes
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