EducA+ion Enrichment Center

Teacher Project Themes

We do the leg work for teachers!

  • School resources and lesson plans.
  • Improved learning outcomes.
  • Focus on learning skills, creativity, and leadership.

Our enrichment center will address curriculum needs and has the potential to increase marks and therefore decrease classroom management problems.

Students work at their own skill level and their own ability. There is no target age group – students from grade 2 to past-university have been able to use our projects.

Each project theme lays out steps that the students are able to follow in their own style.

Registered clients have access to our project resources – please contact us using our Contact page for more information.

Tall Ship Theme (Teacher resources)

Use geography, history, and math to plan a ships course from Europe to Victoria during the 17th century, as well as social studies for research on countries the ship stops at. Students will become swashbuckling sailors exploring the world!

Alien Theme (Teacher resources)

An alien comes down to grab six students to study the Fertile Crescent, ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It has come to study how cities are built and the origins of politics.

Travel Theme (Teacher resources)

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