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Alien Theme (Teacher resources)

An alien comes down to grab six students to study the Fertile Crescent, ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. It has come to study how cities are built and the origins of politics.

School subjects covered:

  • Language Arts
  • Dance
  • Social Studies
  • Theatre
  • Technology
  • Library Media
  • Music
  • Mathematics

Each project theme lays out steps that the students are able to follow in their own style.

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Sample Resources
Egypt Work Sheet”Fill in the blanks: Pyramids were first used as __________ for the kings or pharaohs and some queens of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believe they need to protect each ruler’s __________ so it can be used in the afterlife.”
How to Be a Leader”To achieve greatness you need more than just yourself! Think of it. If you have a great idea and I have a great idea but we do not share them, how many ideas do you have? Just one. However, if we share our ideas then the minimum amount of ideas that come from this is two.”
Have Hefty Goals”Make your Team the best. To swim across the Pacific you need a team! To swim across Beaver Lake, you can do it alone. Your Hefty Goals should continue to make the team grow.”
Where to Look Next:
Tall Ship Theme (Teacher resources)
Use geography, history, and math to plan a ships course from Europe to Victoria during the 17th century, as well as social studies for research on countries the ship stops at. Students will become swashbuckling sailors exploring the world!
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