EducA+ion Enrichment Center


Roger Aubin, founder of Education Enrichment Center, is an experience educator who has taught grades K to 12, plus a stint as a guest university lecturer.

Roger has long been inspired by the challenge of overcoming his own learning difficulties: ADD and dyslexia.

“I researched the teaching methods of ADD and Dyslexia and discovered a system that works – a system that makes learning relevant, attainable and best of all fun!”

Roger’s frustrations with the system as a student were:

  • He was bored.
  • His instruction focussed primarily on his weaknesses.
  • He was withdrawn to a Sp. Ed. room.
  • He was labelled.
  • He lost confidence.
  • He never saw the relevancy of what he was expected to learn.
  • He was excluded from many class activities and teams.
  • He saw himself as a failure, never as a leader.

How much has changed?

With Education Enrichment Center, his aims are:

  • To excite the students about learning.
  • To make learning relevant.
  • To work at the student’s ability and pace.
  • To help the students problem solve.
  • To help connect for the students the subjects: science, reading, writing, math, history, geography, arts, and social skills.
  • To help the students to use their strengths to pull up their weakness.
  • To help the students to become leaders.
  • To help the students take responsibility in their learning.
  • To help the students become team players.

“My passion in life is watching students grow and learn, to see that light bulb that goes on with the confidence that follows.”

Where to Look Next:
It became clear how I could use what I learned in other aspects of my life.”
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